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About Us

Hi there! We’re glad you made it! Let us tell you a little about us. We’re a group of entrepreneurs like yourself that utilize our skills to elevate our clients’ branding and web presence to the next level. We’re all vested “owners” of our little company and that means you will not get just another designer punching a timeclock on your team, you’ll get a designer who has a vested interested in his/her own company and YOUR company. Our motto is—"You do well, we do well.”

Stellar Logo Design was brought to the form when our fearless leader, Rick Rowland, bought the ailing company from a design firm in India in 2018. They had some great designers on their team, but just didn’t have the marketing prowess that Rick had. He bought the company outright and redesigned the website from head to toe.

He kept the relationship with the original owners and asked for them to come back and help with the refurbished brand and company. Seeing Rick’s vision, they signed on immediately.

He has since scoured the web and enlisted designers from all over the US and the world offering them a “partnership” instead of freelancing jobs. This means they not only make an income on the jobs they directly work on, but they make an income on EVERY job that comes through Stellar Logo Design.

Who would you rather handle your logo design, website design, and branding an agency filled with employees or freelancers or a consortium of likeminded owners who have a vested interest in your success? Please note- we do outsource some of our SEO and content services, but be assured the vendors we use for these services were either referred to us by one or more of our partners or have been vetted by us.

Drop us a line today and see where we can take your business to!